I'm a collaborative, dynamic experienced Product Manager with over 5 years experience in product and 10 in tech seeking new opportunities to deliver results and accelerate growth at a mission-driven B2C startups.

How I work: I'm skilled with crafting strategies that balance data and user empathy. I believe in the power of A/B and user testing. I'm decisive and adapt with new information. I focus on the why and lead teams that create differentiated product and hit goals.

Hi, I'm Cara.

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Message me on LinkedIn, or shoot an email to: carainproduct@gmail.com

Take their word for it.

"Time and again I’ve seen her stare a daunting project in the eye, break down each component challenge and work with her team to implement the best possible solution.”

- Alex | UX Director at HotSchedules

”Cara is an incredibly passionate and data-driven leader. As a developer working with her, I always felt I knew why I was working on something because she is so collaborative

- Rachel | Sr. Engineer at Leafly

”I paid attention to how she worked, and frankly admired her style, taking away from our encounters new ideas and insights that I could leverage with my team.”

- Meredith | Sr. Product Manager at Leafly

How I like to spend my time