Running Google Venture's Design Sprint

Recap of running Google Venture's Design Sprint at HotSchedules.


picture of design sprint whiteboard
picture of design sprint whiteboard

In June 2018, I gathered a team to dedicate 5 days to running Google Venture's Design Sprint. We had identified that we needed to focus on the Above Store User's experience from feedback from Customer Success Managers and sales reps. But we didn't quite have a pulse on what exactly we needed to deliver. In order to solve big problems and test new ideas in 5 days, we gathered a cross-functional team of product, design, engineers, marketing, customer care and customer success stakeholders to roll up our sleeves and pinpoint what key problems we needed to solve - and get feedback on, fast.


Defining our key user persona & problems to solve

Prior to starting the Design Sprint, we defined and designed this user persona card. We printed it out and taped it on the wall to reference throughout the week.

We used surveys to capture direct feedback from Above Store Managers and our own knowledge of this persona to add details and spark empathy in our process.

Ready, set.. SPRINT

This slide deck goes through the breakdown of each day and the results of our efforts.