Native App Growth

19% increase in downloads, big increase in orders.


Full case study coming soon!

Highlights & notable impacts

The key to unlocking growth was identifying and making accessible a new metric: attributed orders

  • Ordering has been prohibited or restricted in the apps, but we were able to egress them to web

  • Previously, we didn't have clear insight into the orders from users that originated in the app, but placed their order on web

  • Collaborating with the BI team, we were able to define an 'attributed order' - an order that's placed in the same session as the egress from native > web and -- perhaps most importantly, make that metric accessible to all team members by visualizing it Metabase

  • With this new metric we were able to show that while native app users constituted <15% of overall users, they generated 35+% of orders

This allowed us two key things:

  • Increased investment from the company. Previously, I was working with a single engineer who worked on both Android & iOS. After this, we grew to a team of 6.

  • More research and willingness to explore native app capabilities, features, and experiences that weren't just copies of what the web experience was like.